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Jaluino 0.1 released !

We'd like to introduce a new project named Jaluino. Jaluino is aimed to provide Arduino-like boards, PIC based and powered by jalv2 and jallib. Jaluino is thus a prototyping board on top of which you can plug several daughter boards ("shields"), the idea being to easily share hardware designs.

For now, we provide Jaluino Medium, a PIC 18F4550 based board. PCB, schematics, documentation, bootloaders, jaluino & jallib libraries, jalv2 compiler and samples can be downloaded from:

Features are:

  • 18F4550, running at 48MHz, 32KB Flash memory (~16K words for programming), 2KB SRAM, 256B EEPROM, 35 I/O pins, 13 ADC channels, 2 PWM channels, 4 timers, USART, SPI, I²C, USB, ...
  • three power sources: Jack, USB, and through serial module
  • up to three available voltages on board: input voltage (typically 9V or 12V), 5V and 3.3V.
  • USB connector
  • Serial connector, allowing user to plug his own serial module (MAX232 based, USB-to-serial converter, serial bluetooth module, ...)
  • Reset via RTS serial option, allowing to upload program without having to act on board
  • ICSP connector
  • I2C connector, acting either as a master or a slave
  • Five pin headers to expose PIC's pins, reset and power pins to daughter shields
  • Fuse protection
  • Reset Push button

Jaluino Medium comes with a detailed user guide, where you'll find description, schematics, hardware setup, building instructions, shields,... Also check README included in archives for some guidelines to get started with Jaluino.

Jaluino Medium currently needs to be built "from scratch": you'll have to build the PCB, find components, solder them yourself. We've designed it to be as easy as possible to build (though it may not sound as easy for someone who's never built a PCB...). Depending on how many requests we could get, we may be able in the future to provide ready-to-solder PCB, and maybe even a kit... who knows ! :) (which loosely goes to should keep you informed about progress, documentation, and upcoming shields. A new shield should be released within few weeks, and will be used to experiment many different aspects of jalv2 and jallib programming: analog inputs, digital inputs, push-buttons, LCD, PWM & digital outputs with NPN power output, I²C (RTC), 7-segments LED display, ... See for current available shields.

This project is still very alpha, a lot still needs to get done, like enriching user guide, providing more shields, libraries, tutorials, integrating a pre-configured IDE, supporting USB bootloader, etc... But you can help in many different ways ! Whether you're a newbie or a Guru,you can join us at !

Have fun,

The Jaluino Team
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